Save Energy and Money With Ceiling Fans!

The newspaper New York Times has recently published an article entitled, "The Unchilled Life: Breezing Through the Recession Without Air-Conditioning" which was telling about the benefits of human life without air conditioning. Most of people interviewed consider their conversion to the AC-free life at times very difficult although rewarding. These people have found out that not using air conditioning they spent more time with their families, lost weight, and saved much money (about $2,100 last summer).

You're not said to throw away your favourite air conditioner, but there's another option that can save much energy and money offering proper comfort at the same time. It's a ceiling fan, second class to the powerful A.C. Direct Buy Lighting offers a great variety of cost ceiling fans, as well as high-end ceiling fans, that will help to save energy adding to the surrounding of a room. It's true that a ceiling fan can reduce the amount of energy that's consumed in a home for the homeowner to increase the thermostat in summer and lower it up to 10% during winter. Thus, your energy bill can be lowered up to 40% in summer -!

Enjoy Coolness With Ceiling Fans During Hot Summer Months

Ceiling fans don't change the temperature of a room, but they make it feel cooler moving the air. As blades of a ceiling fan move counter-clockwise they cause a downward draft creating the effects of a cool breeze. Air that's slowly moving feels 4-8 degrees cooler than still air. Besides, the air evaporates moisture on the skin moving across it, also known as a wind chill effect which makes us feel as if the air is much cooler than it is in reality.

During hot summer months, you can make the ceiling fan blades turn in the normal counter-clockwise direction that will make you feel up to 8 degrees cooler. Thus, a high temperature of 78 degrees can be transformed into 70 degrees with the use of a ceiling fan like the Monte Carlo ceiling fans. But remember to turn your thermostat approximately 4 degrees higher! A recent research of 400 homes by the Florida Solar Energy Center has proved that ceiling fans can increase energy bills if they are used incorrectly. They take about 15% more energy to cool the house. But by raising the A.C. thermostat, the hot air in your room will seem cooler.

Portable Fans Greatly Save Energy!

In cool spring and fall nights it's recommended to use a portable fan in the window to let cool air into your house. And if a fan is placed to an opposite window near the ceiling it will push air out offering you a wonderful cooling draft.

Ceiling Fans Will Make a Room Warmer in Winter

If a ceiling fan is slowly operated in the clockwise direction, it'll create a gentle upward draft. It circulates hot air that's frequently trapped at the ceiling from a space heater or heating stove. And the upward stream of air moving from the ceiling fan lets the warm air down from the ceiling toward people in the room making them feet warmth. Rooms with cathedral kind ceilings or high ceilings, a ceiling fan will offer even heat. Remember to lower the thermostat by 3-5 degrees. if a ceiling fan doesn't push the warm trapped air down, the upper part of a room will be 15 degrees warmer than the lower one. In this way you can save up to 10% on heating costs in winter.