Enjoy The Unforgettable Sights With Aerial and S Maps!

Although aerial and satellite maps are a rather recent invention, they are already highly available and accessible. Undoubtedly, the emergence of Google Earth was a real novelty for millions of people. Nowadays, Google Earth is a widely used application known almost by everyone having a personal computer. Google Earth gives an excellent opportunity to observe the sights staying at home. One can visit many countries of the world just sitting on one's chair at home. Satellite and aerial maps make it possible to observe the places that are in reality situated thousands of miles ago, and even those you'll never visit in reality. You'll be impressed by some of the most interesting sights of the world.

Man-made Landmarks and Monuments

One of the most impressive places you can see with the aerial map is the city of Ashgabat in Turkmenistan. The area of this city is filled with monuments that were built by the ex-dictator of Turkmenistan, Saparmurat Niyazov. You'll observe huge palaces and extraordinary gardens having wonderful statues of the late dictator. Due to a perfect aerial view you'll be able to feel the wonderful symmetry and beautiful design of the buildings.

Due to various aerial and satellite pictures which are available from online digital maps like Google Earth one can see different wonders of man-made engineering, including the Great Wall of China. The latter will impress you with its huge size and clear look from the point of view of an orbiting satellite. At that moment, you'll realize what a distance on the surface of the globe the Great Wall of China covers in reality. Even if you go to China, you won't be able to get that sort of scope as you can watching it from the Aerial map.

Natural Landmarks

Natural landmarks are also interesting to see from an aerial viewpoint. The representative of the most beautiful natural landmarks is the Rio Grande's canyon that's much more attractive when seen from the point of view of a passing survey plane. You're also highly recommended to enjoy the view of multi-colored hot springs of Yellowstone.

Google Street View

One of the greatest advantages of digital aerial maps is their usefulness for interactivity. This aspect is still being explored and deeply developed. Google belongs to the most popular map applications nowadays and it offers a great number of functions, including, Google Map's street view which allows walking along the streets of the cities you want to see. The only thing you need to do is to choose the city you want, zoom in, and then with the help of your mouse drag the street view icon to any place of the map you wish. You have a complete freedom to wander along the virtualized streets of chosen city. You're also offered to review the shots of Google's street which were taken by vehicle-mounted video cameras working twenty-four hours a day and are regularly updated. Many shots are going to impress you. You can even find people falling in their cars to horrible freeway accidents.